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A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body - and literacy is essential to good health.  

I was inspired by a story I heard at the Max International Convention this past September. Max Company President Craig Case told us about a group of homeless children who had been discovered living under a highway in Salt Lake City.

The children had nothing – not even shoes. They soon began receiving visits by a kind individual who knew how important it was for these children to learn to read. Through a Max company initiative called “ Max Gives Back”, these children now have a school house, clothing and shoes.

As a result,  I have developed my own  “Max Family Gives Back” Book Donation Program. As a Mom, I know how important it is for everyone, especially children, to read. I have been reading to my own children since they were born. It is one of the most important gifts that I have been able to give them and I want to continue giving  the gift of literacy to others. I can do this by bringing our community together to provide books for those who do not have any.

Any new or gently used children’s books can be donated by contacting me directly via email at  

As a mother and a business owner, I firmly believe that I can make a significant contribution to the future of the youngest members of our society, our children . By teaching my own children and those around me the importance of giving, I will truly be doing God’s work. Life is not about taking. It is about giving.

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Healthy Body - Healthy Mind